Disclosure of information


Disclosure system



Principle implementation

Regularity, consistency and timeliness

  • Compliance with the disclosure requirements of the laws of the Russian Federation, relevant market regulators and internal documents of the Company
  • Continuity of information disclosure process
  • Shortest terms of the disclosure
  • Timely provision of information about the Company’s position on rumours or unreliable data creating a wrong impression of the Company’s situation and the value of its securities

Availability and accessibility

To spread information about its activities, the Company uses the channels and methods that are accessible for the majority of the shareholders and effective in providing a complete, easy and non-selective access to the information disclosed

Completeness, accuracy and comparability

The Company aims to:

  • Disclose full, objective and accurate information to the shareholders without trying to avoid disclosing negative information about itself
  • Disclose information in a way that is clear, non-controversial and commensurable
  • Maintain the neutral character of the information disclosed (it shall be independent of the interests of any persons or groups)

When disclosing the information, the Company aims to maintain a rational balance between the interests of the shareholders and the interests of the Company itself related to keeping the sensitive business data confidential if they can significantly influence its competitive edge.

The Company keeps high standards of corporate social responsibility and supports on-going communication with target audiences to improve its business reputation and increase the fair value of the business.

Since 2006, the Company has been using the Regulations on the Information Policy describing the goals, objectives, principles, means, methods, procedures, and terms of information disclosure and the list of disclosures.

Apart from the data subject to obligatory disclosure, the Company publishes detailed information on its operations, securities, and shareholders, as well as its executive and control bodies, significant transactions, and subsidiaries and affiliates.

The Company makes disclosures both in Russian and English in all situations when it’s acceptable according to the laws of the Russian Federation and does not contradict to the substance of the disclosure in a given case (interview, public representations when the simultaneous translation is not an option, etc). The Company aims to synchronise the disclosures in Russian and in English.

The disclosure of the information about the Company operations is mostly done through publishing the data on the corporate website, in the news feed of the authorised information agency (Interfax), in printed and electronic media, as well as via meetings, interviews, and briefings with the Company’s shareholders and other stakeholders, etc.

The Information Policy is enforced by General Director of the Company.

The Board of Directors controls the implementation of the Information Policy Regulations by considering the annual reports of the General Director on compliance with the Information Policy.

The annual reports of the Company for 2015, 2016, and 2018–2020 were shortlisted by relevant annual report competitions held by Moscow Exchange and the RCB media group in the category of the Best Annual Report of a Company of Capitalisation under RUB 40 bn.

Communications with Governmental Bodies and Public Organisations

The key goals of Rosseti Kuban in communications with public authorities and the public relations is to build effective information channels with target audiences and to pursue the uniform communication policy of Rosseti Group.

In the reporting year, Rosseti Kuban actively covered working meetings of the Company’s management with representatives of federal, regional and municipal authorities, in the public space of the region and in the media.

In particular, during 2021, information support was provided for the following events with the participation of representatives of the Russian Ministry of Energy, PJSC Rosseti Kuban, the authorities of the Krasnodar Territory and the Republic of Adygea:

  • A working meeting between the head of the Republic of Adygea, M. Kumpilov, and the management of Rosseti Kuban on the modernisation of the energy infrastructure in the Republic of Adygea (January 2021)
  • A working meeting of Krasnodar head, A. Pervyshov and the management of Rosseti Kuban at the renovation site of one of the largest substations in the regional capital, Postovaya, to discuss the progress of the renovation (April 2021)
  • The working meeting of PJSC Rosseti General Director A. Rumin, the Governor of the Krasnodar Territory V. Kondratyev, Acting General Director of Rosseti Kuban B. Ebzeev on the functioning and development of the Krasnodar Territory power grid complex (May 2021)
  • The Company’s participation in a meeting on resource supply to gardening and dacha communities in the Krasnodar Territory, which was held in Krasnodar on the initiative of the Deputy Chairman of the State Duma Committee for Control and Regulation, N. Kostenko (July 2021)
  • Working meeting of the Head of the Republic of Adygea, M. Kumpilov, and Acting General Director of Rosseti Kuban, B. Ebzeev, on the prospects for modernising the energy infrastructure in the region (July 2021)
  • Participation of the Company in the meeting of the Operational Headquarters for the liquidation of the consequences of the weather disaster in Sochi, interaction with municipal services and the regional division of the Ministry of Emergency Situations of Russia during the organisation and implementation of recovery works at the flooded power facilities (July 2021)
  • Participation of the Acting General Director of the Company B. Ebzeev in a meeting on preparations for the autumn-winter period 2021/2022 chaired by the Head of the Administration (Governor) of the Krasnodar Territory V. Kondratiev (August 2021)

The following PR campaigns were run:

  • on information support for the implementation of the Company investment and repair programmes, the preparations to and operations during autumn and winter
  • on preventing non-contractual and off-the-meter consumption of electricity
  • on preventing electric trauma of third parties at the power grid facilities
  • on making explanations concerning the connection procedures for the Company grids (including the meetings with small and medium-sized business representatives), extending the list of additional services, the fulfilment of energy service contracts for the installation of remote electricity meters for the customers to reduce the electricity losses
  • on informing the consumers in the Krasnodar Territory and the Republic of Adygea about the acts of illegal electricity meter replacement by third parties
  • on informational support for Rosseti Kuban measures related to interactions during massive blackouts under hazardous natural phenomena

Social Communications

In 2021, the Company continued implementing several target communication programmes to promote the image of a socially responsible institution.

In the reporting year, about 120 secondary educational institutions of the Krasnodar Territory and the Republic of Adygea were covered by measures under the comprehensive Programme to reduce the risks of injuries to personnel and third parties at the facilities of the power grid complex of Rosseti Kuban. More than 250 lectures and lessons on electrical safety were held and attended by about 20 ths students.

To prevent electric trauma among children, creative contests, topic-related tours, and open days were organised. A total of about 45 events were held in general education institutions. The Company website runs an information platform for the Prevention of Child Electric Trauma containing various teaching aids to arrange topic-related talks on electric trauma prevention.

In addition, as part of its outreach activities, the Company organises creative competitions, topic-related games and online tours of its substations for children.

On International Children’s Day, the Company opened the #BrighterTogether topic-related educational shift at the All-Russian Children’s Centre Orlyonok. The Company experts held a lecture on “Power Industry is a Driver of Science and Technology”, a practical lesson on electrical safety “Safe Holidays” and an EnergoQWUZE intellectual game.

To celebrate the 76th anniversary of the Victory, a PR project “Your Victory is in Our Hearts” was run on the Company’s official social media pages, featuring photos and videos of power engineers who are veterans of the Great Patriotic War. The Company took part in a federal social project of Rosseti Group called “Victory Stories”.

In celebration of Astronautics Day and the 60th anniversary of Yuri Gagarin’s flight into space, the Company held a creative competition “Energy of Space Conquerors” (at the official social media pages). Its co-organisers were the Krasnodar Regional Public Organisation “Federation of Kuban Cosmonautics” and the All-Russian Creative Public Organisation “Union of Russian Artists”. More than 60 children and teenagers took part in the competition. An online race called Cosmos Nearby (Space is Close) was launched on social media based on the data on memorable places connected with the history of astronautics in the Krasnodar Territory and the Republic of Adygea.

In August 2021, at the All-Russian Children’s Centre Orlyonok, the specialists from Rosseti Kuban conducted an online tour of the 220 kV Port substation as part of the Rosseti Group’s power industry project-oriented shift.

In August 2021, Rosseti’s Young Professionals Open Corporate Championship was held in Krasnodar; the Championship was based on the WorldSkills methodology. Rosseti Kuban organised live broadcasts of the opening and closing ceremonies of the Championship.

In November 2021, Rosseti Kuban held an electrical safety lesson, an EnergoQWUZE thematic game and an online tour through the 220 kV Port substation, for participants of the Young Power Engineer School at the Smena All-Russian Children’s Centre. The Company runs online tours on substations for adults and children.

Media Communications

To promote brand recognition, positive reputation, and image of Rosseti Kuban, and expand the audience of its media influence, the Company undertook close interactions with the leading regional and industrial media in 2021.

Public media events involving the Company’s personnel and management were aimed at building a positive and holistic image of the Company and enhancing its business reputation.

In 2021, the printed media of the Krasnodar territory and the Republic of Adygea published over 150 messages concerning the Company's activities.

During the reporting period, 629 news items were posted on the corporate website of the Company. Besides, some information was published on the official pages of the Company in social media and blogs. The bulk of news items on the Company’s activities during the period under review came from the Internet media, with quite a large of contribution from central news agencies.

The most significant Company events covered by federal and regional media include:

  • Large-scale reconstruction of the power grid complex in the Republic of Adygea
  • Implementation of the 2021 Investment Campaign at Rosseti Kuban
  • Remediation of consequences of the disaster and rehabilitation works on power grid facilities during 2021
  • Holding of the Group’s Young Professionals — an open corporate championship (WorldSkills format) in Krasnodar at the Corporate Energy Institute for Continuing Education
  • Prevention of unauthorised electricity consumption and electrical equipment theft (over 180 press releases published on the official corporate website of Rosseti Kuban; seven TV spots went on air, more than 20 messages were aired on Kuban TV channels and radio stations; about 1,500 highlights for these problems can be found in online media, and five round tables concerning the relevant topics were held)
  • Prevention of children’s electrical injuries (more than 1.2 thousand references in the mass media)
  • Prevention of illegal replacement of electricity metering devices by third-party organisations in the area of responsibility of Rosseti Kuban (about 140 materials were published in the mass media and social media)
  • Prevention of illegal placement of FOCLs on overhead power line poles within the Company’s remit
  • PR support for socially oriented “Labourer” projects (85 articles published on the corporate website, 22 articles in printed media, and 120 reprints at the Internet resources)

In 2021, the Company continued to work on populating the content and improving the structure of the corporate website. The technical upgrade of the website was undertaken to comply with the standards for proper obligatory and voluntary disclosure of information in a timely manner, to maintain the best level of transparency.

Best press service in the region

The Press Service of Rosseti Kuban was recognised as the best one on a regional level, following the results of the regional stage of the Sixth All-Russian MediaTEK Competition of media, press services of fuel & energy complex and the regional administrations. Also, the employees of the External Communications vertical line won the “Popularisation of the Fuel and Energy Sector Occupations” nomination and took the second prize in the “Safe Energy” nomination. The Company’s project “Safe Energy for the Children of Kuban” was among the winners of the prestigious “Press Service of the Year” international competition. The award ceremony was held in Moscow in May 2021.

Congress and Exhibition Activities

Amid the lock-down conditions imposed due to the spread of the COVID-19 coronavirus infection, many congress and exhibition events in 2021 were cancelled or conducted in online mode.

In October 2021, Boris Ebzeev, Acting General Director of Rosseti Kuban, took part in the “Russian Energy Week 2021” international forum. Rosseti Kuban and the Research and JSC Radio and Microelectronics Production Company concluded a strategic cooperation agreement during this forum to initiate the pilot operation of new Russian-made high-tech equipment at power grid facilities.