We provide reliable power supply

PJSC Rosseti Kuban (part of Rosseti Group) is the largest power grid company in the Krasnodar Territory and the Republic of Adygea. We cater for the regional economy, infrastructural facilities and the social sector: more than 6 million local residents are our customers.

77.2 %
Company’s share of the regional market
(of the regional required gross revenue).
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We quickly adjust to changes

In the face of the COVID-19 epidemic, the Company re-engineered its business processes and maintained a high quality of service to customers, federal and regional resorts and infrastructural facilities. We also did our part in pandemic response by stably supplying electricity to hospitals equipped with lungs ventilators.

25 bn kWh
of electricity delivered to the grid (+9.6% vs. 2020)
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We diversify sources of revenue

The Company works towards higher stability of its business model and secures profits for the government by making it easier to connect new customers to the grid, as well as reducing electricity losses and expanding the services offered. We keep on upgrading our infrastructure and invest in innovation.

1.7 RUB bn
net profit for 2021
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We stay on track for sustainability

The well-being of our almost 9,000 employees is one of our key priorities. We take care of their safety and increase our input in occupational safety and health. Improving environmental safety and preserving biodiversity are also on our radar.

46 RUB mn
employee welfare expenditures in 2021
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We improve corporate transparency

Compliance with regulations and standards is an overriding principle of our business. We follow the guidance of the Bank of Russia and maintain and improve a robust internal control and risk management system at all levels and in all processes.

61 %
compliance with the principles and recommendations of the Bank of Russia’s Corporate Governance Code in 2021 (vs. 54% in 2020)
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