Information Technologies and Telecommunications


In order to solve the Company’s tasks associated with sales of services and electricity metering, the capabilities of the Power Transmission Metering System (PMTS) were expanded in terms of:

  • The electricity balancing at all grid levels and the analysis of imbalances and excessive electricity losses
  • Automated circulation of certificates of limitation and resumption of electricity consumption
  • Maintenance of information and monitoring for the metering points for which there is no information on any power supply agreement concluded
  • Automated search for discrepancies in electricity consumption by metering point, during reconciliation checks with power supply companies

To provide the functions of smart electricity (capacity) metering systems, the following configurations were initiated:

  • Integration flows in terms of the transmission of meter readings and power profiles to PMTS, from the Pyramida-Seti software
  • Integration flows from the PMTS to the Unified Customer Relationship Platform of the Rosseti Group

In order to implement Federal Law No. 371-FZ dated 9 November 2020 On the National System of Goods Traceability, the functionality of the 1C:Enterprise (Enterprise Resource Planning) corporate information system was expanded, and accounting tools for traceable goods, the list of which was approved by Decree No. 807 of the Government of the Russian Federation dated 25 June 2019, were developed. The corporate information system was also finalised in terms of:

  • Handling claims on receivables under electricity transmission agreements
  • Accepting payments for grid connections via online acquiring

The introduction of a modern automated system for payroll calculation, personnel accounting and personalised reporting based on 1C: Payroll and HR Management 8 CORP software was still in progress in 2021. Commercial operation of the system is scheduled to start in 2022.

The functionality of the corporate software package was extended:

  • The Ecology software module for waste management accounting was designed
  • The corporate software package was integrated with the regional node of the geoinformation system of Rosseti Group with regard to transfer of data related to applications for grid connection
  • The corporate software package was integrated with the production asset management system in terms of exchange of data related to feeder centres
  • A functionality was implemented to visually present the time frames of a grid connection agreement and calculate the normative date of fulfilment of an offer

The following activities related to the development of core IT-infrastructure and services were carried out in 2021:

  • The project to migrate the executive office of PJSC Rosseti Kuban to the new domain ( was implemented
  • Server equipment for migration was purchased and delivered to the single domain of the Company’s branches (
  • Server equipment was purchased and installed to expand the call centre based on the Awaya platform
  • Uninterrupted remote technical support was offered for the Company’s employees